“If you want art work for your home, Kristin is the one to see, she is fabulous, her eye is right on target”

– Sandy G.

“We call her the Shadow Box Queen! the work is exceptional, creative, and beautifully done, we love her!”

– Phil & A

“We had Kristin frame over 150 photos of history of our corporate office, using seven different profiles and frames. I cannot begin to tell you the positive response! It was a huge job, but well worth it. As in her words she created the soul to the headquarters.”

– A. Company

“Kristin framed over 90 original watercolors of a famous artist in our family and they are absolutely exquisit. The joy it has given us is indescribable.”

– JR

“I would not consider taking my work anywhere but Kristin, I have been framing with her for 15 years, she is #1 as far as we are concerned!”

– BL

“I have been framing with Kristin for 20 years, she has filled every room in my home with beautifully framed art. I just bring her the piece and I let her do her magic.

– An Appreciative Customer (CM)

We are proud to offer for 20 years quality framing products from:

  • Larson Juhl
  • Don Mar Creations
  • Nurre Caxton Molding
  • AMPF Inc.
  • Omega
  • Arquati
  • Decor
  • Chop Right
  • Universal
  • Williamson
  • Neilson Bainbridge
  • Crescent Mats
  • Winn Devon Limited Editon
  • Canadian Art Prints
  • Top Art Prints
  • Third and Wall Art Group Limited Edition Prints
  • New York Graphic Editions LTD
  • Posters International
  • Bruce McGaw Prints

National/International Artists

  • Nesvadba Alvar
  • Csaba Markus
  • Janet Treby
  • Peter Nixon
  • Delacroix
  • Hibel
  • Pascal
  • Tremler
  • Fuguere
  • Rosenvain
  • Kerry Hallm
  • Liudmila Kondakova
  • Tarkay
  • McKnight

Local Artists:

  • Bill Griffiths (Worcester Art Museum)
  • Phil Gidley (Well-known New England Artist)
  • Nancy Von Hone (Pastel Artist)
  • Francesco Elaqua (Rep. in World Art Book)
  • Suzanne Nethercote (Watercolorist)
  • Tom Bradley (Pastel Artist)
  • Joyce Kistler (New England Pastel Artist)